Patios & Carports

Oasis Patios will design and construct the unusual or unique patios for all situations. Pyramids and hip end patios can be free standing to take advantage of any corner of your garden oasis or attached to your existing home.

At Oasis Patios we can build flat patios in Sydney from scratch or we can help you replace your existing patio. Employing our extensive industry experience, we can offer professional advice to build a flat that suits your requirements. From recommending the best way to build a patio into your existing structure through to hammering in the last nail, we can take care of the entire process of building new or replacing old Perth flat patios.

With access to a wide range of building materials, including steel, timber, and polycarbonate panels, Oasis can blend your flat seamlessly into your existing building. Manufactured to the highest quality our flat patio roofs are guaranteed to offer the optimum level of protection from the elements that Australian home-owners require.

Essentially, carports are an extension of your house. This means that for your home in Sydney, a carport that complements your existing building and creates a stylish parking solution for your vehicle is a must. We can design and build exterior vehicle coverings to your specific dimensions to suit a wide range of needs.