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Posted by on Sep 17, 2016 in Blog | Comments Off on Budget-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

When it comes to decorating your outdoor areas, you have a lot of options at your disposal. You could go all-out and choose the most expensive options on the market. But let’s face it; who has that kind of money?

We’re all for on-budget landscaping that packs a punch without breaking a hole in your bank account. Here are our top ideas for keeping your garden looking great – with irresistible prices.

Stick to evergreens

If there’s one thing that ensures your garden looks good all year ‘round, it’s investing in evergreen plants. Sure, you might like the look of deciduous trees – particularly when they don their autumnal foliage – but come winter and you’re left with a bare bones tree that does nothing for the look of your garden.

Instead of plants that only show their true colours in some months of the year, opt for the ones that are gorgeous throughout the year. They’ll be a worthy investment.

Use low-cost lights

There’s nothing better than spending time outdoors when the sun has gone down. From summertime barbeques to winter stargazing sessions, the great outdoors truly is the place to be.

But outdoor lighting can be pricey, what with the cost of electrical work and installation. Instead, choose outdoor fairy lights, which provide a gorgeous focal point, while helping you enjoy your backyard well into the night.

Build a retaining wall

If you’re looking for a tip that won’t just look great, but will improve the quality of your yard, look no further than the simple retaining wall. Built around a flower bed, elevating the plants within, the wall doesn’t just look great but prevents soil erosion when it rains, too. Add a point of interest that ties your whole garden together – and ensure you don’t have to attend to the soil too often.

Create a veggie garden

Stop shopping at the supermarkets and start to grow your own veggies. The right ones will look great in the corner of your garden, and will help you save on your grocery bills.


If your project is simple enough, see if you can do it yourself. It might take a bit of time but with some high-quality products and the right know-how, you could be on your way to creating something spectacular. Plus, think about the looks you’ll get when you tell people who created your new masterpiece!

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Daniel Coleman, Oasis Patios

Daniel Coleman

Hi, I’m Daniel Coleman. I live in Perth and went to school and then University over in Melbourne.

I have been working in the patio industry for about 10 years and really enjoy it with the variety of jobs providing a new challenge everyday. I also enjoy giving families the freedom of a covered back garden area as I hate getting caught out in the rain! I am Married and have my first child due soon.

I look forward to hearing from you and building your next patio or carport.

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