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Posted by on May 22, 2017 in Blog | Comments Off on Top 5 Patios Designs for the Perth Backyard

Top 5 Patios Designs for the Perth Backyard

The Top 5 Patio Designs in Perth, WA

There are many ten’s of thousands of patios installed across Australia each year, providing shade and extra living space to Australian families. These patios come in many shapes and sizes to suit their respective backyards and the client’s needs. Whether you’re planning on getting a patio for extra shade, more storage space or to create your own outdoor oasis, there are many patio designs to suit your tastes.

We’ve compiled a list of the 5 most popular patio designs that we’re asked to build.



Flat Patio Designs1. Sleek Flat Patio Design

Flat patios create a sleek modern look for your outdoor space. This design of patio has become increasingly popular over the past few years.

The great thing about flat patios is they can be raised to give you a high ceiling. This doesn’t just make the space seem larger but improve airflow through the patio area unlike other builds that trap a layer of hot air.

This advantage is great in summer when the weather is hot but louvers and patio blinds are a definite must for trapping hot air in the winter months. For an ultra modern, stylish look, consider using Glosswood boards on the ceiling.

Find out more about Oasis Patio’s Flat Patios, HERE.

Pyramid patio designs2. Pyramid Patio Designs

If you’ve got an ‘L shaped’ home, with a square section in the back garden, then a Pyramid patio is probably right for you.

These types of patios usually join to your homes eaves on two sides straight into your gutters. This is the main reason for the pyramid shape, giving you a higher ceiling inside the patio whilst still joining to the gutters.

Usually your usual gutters are adequate for getting rid of the extra water, however, depending on the size of your new patio, we may need to upgrade your guttering.

The main advantages are that the raised inside with exposed metal work gives you the ability to hang plants, lights, heaters and decorations whilst also trapping in some heat during winter. Interested in a pyramid patio? Find out more.

3. The Trusty Ol’ Gable

Gable Gabled patios. They’ve been around since the very beginning, with the simple double-side pitched roof design proving very effective both cost-wise and in providing shade and rain protection.

Enclosing the triangulated ends of the gables with translucent or completely transparent sheeting will give you the low angle sun into your patio in Winter without getting that horrible glare. This will really add to your patio’s lighting in the afternoons, especially if you enclose it.

Find out more about our Gable patio designs or organise a no-obligation, free quote online.


4. The Simple Slanted Patio

Slanted patio designAs with flat patios, slanted patios can be raised above the line of your homes eaves in order to create the feeling of a larger area and more headspace. Slanted patios, like the one pictured left, reduce the amount of rain from the patio roof into your home’s gutters, thus making for an easier, cheaper install.

The pitch of the patio can even make it suitable for solar panel installations or an easy connection via the lower sides gutter into a backgarden rain water tank. These advantages makes slanted patios great for eco-friendly homes.

5. The Modern Dome Look

Dome patioMake your home stand out! Our final design is the dome, the most requested install of the past few years apart from the trusty Gable.

It’s easy to see why, with the dome design being both stylish and expansive. We can build dome patios with overlapping half-arcs, see picture, that allow hot air to escape the top. This encourages convection currents, therefore passively cooling your patio area more.

Semi-transparent sheeting material is a good choice to encourage UV-friendly light, however we also build using solid tin if preferred.

Raising the height of a dome style patio is also easy and we can custom design one to suit your home!

Learn more today.

Well, there is a short lesson in Patio design and the associated advantages of each style. For more patio tips and tricks, regularly updated, check out our Facebook page.

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